Learn Twitter in 10 minutes

Lynn C. Schreiber
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New to Twitter and feeling a little confused? On first glance, all those half-conversations and unfamiliar symbols may look like gobbledegook. But it's really very simple - and this useful book is here to help. In straightforward, chatty text accompanied by amusing illustrations, popular tweeter and blogger Lynn C Schreiber helps you get the most out of Twitter. She demystifies the jargon (hashtags? Follow Friday? DMs? All explained here) and gives easy ways to find friends, gain followers, and

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ISBN: 9781849940818
Author: Lynn C. Schreiber
Publisher: Batsford
Language: English
Publication Date: 30/09/2012
Format: EPUB
Est. Pages: ?64
Genre: Economics, finance, business & management - Industry & industrial studies
Dewey: 302.30285